B.A.C.K. 2018

Rieden/Kreuth, 05. - 07.01.2018


There is no specific eligibility to compete at the BACK 2018. Every competitor must comply with the current regulations for the national and international Agility rules and regulations.

Classes on all 3 Days:

A 1, A 2, A 3
Game for A 1 and A 2, Jumping 3

Competition will take place on 3 rings.

Max Entries per Day:


The event will also take place if there a less entries. We hope we can provide everyone who is interested also a place of entry.

Special feature on Saturday:

There will be a final run on Saturday evening. The best of 5 % from each grade and each run on Saturday as well as the combination will qualify. If one handler qualifies on several instances, no other competitor will succeed. All competitors born in 2000 or later are qualified without any further qualifications.


Entry  04.01.2018 from  10 am till 8 pm

Entry 05.01.2018 from 07 – 8 am